The Company

MMC is a young, dynamic company with the knowledge, understanding and the experience required to meet and comply with all the necessary medical legislative requirements set out by the Department of Health and Labour.

MMC Ltd, is a very successful, sustainable pre-hospital medical business, specializing in medical event management, medical standby and Occupational Health Services. Our qualifications and expertise in these fields afford us the confidence to be able to manage any situation that may confront us.

We specialize in the provision of Ambulances, Response Cars, Emergency 4x4 Vehicles, 4x4 Ambulances, ATVís, Water Rescue Craft, Paramedics, Doctors and Nursing Staff.

In addition to the aforementioned services we also specialize in providing on-site occupational health services, setting up of onĖsite clinics and medical facilities.

MMC prides itself to meet the particular requirements of each individual with a hands on approach and continues to provide a premier pre-hospital medical service.


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